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Property Development

Bringing Property & Site Development expertise to active drilling areas in Texas.
  • Saltwater Disposal
  • Property Development
  • Frac Tank Sales & Rentals
  • Fabrication
  • Welding
  • Sandblasting
  • Oil & Gas Investments

Our Services

Our expertise in Oil & Gas turnkey property development makes us your #1 resource for Oil & Gas investment opportunities in Texas.

Your #1 Oil & Gas investment Resource in Texas

Oil & Gas Opportunities

Have the major drilling companies missed your property? We are currently seeking small acreage in oil & gas producing zones. 

Property Development

Do you have property in high drilling activity areas? Consider leasing your property to service companies to generate income. 


Frac Tank Company can provide frac tanks, acid tanks, mud tanks, bayrite tanks, mixers, vacuum transports, gas busters, and more

Property Development

Chuck E. P. Oil & Gas Investment Company, LLC provides property and site development for the Oil & Gas sector by strategically partnering with landowners in high activity drilling areas throughout Texas. We specialize in turnkey property development.

Frac Tank Rentals & Sales

Frac Tank Company. is a family owned business based in Texas with over 20 years of experience in fabricating, selling, and servicing frac tanks, mud tanks, mixers, vacuum transports, gas busters, and other equipment for the petrochemical, & oilfield industry.

Saltwater Disposal

JTC Energy Group, LLC seeks to conduct business within the State of Texas and maintain the highest standards of integrity by striving to be a good neighbor to oil and gas operators and the public at large by insisting on quality agreements and operations in all its endeavors.

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